Art Papier, MD, CEO

Invited Speaker | Meeting the Challenge Summit

Dr. Art Papier is an Associate Professor of Dermatology at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry and CEO of VisualDx. As a dermatologist, Dr. Papier has a particular interest in designing clinical systems that leverage the human ability for pattern recognition, thereby increasing clinical accuracy and reducing diagnostic error at the point of care. In line with this goal, he has led the development of VisualDx, the first diagnostic clinical decision support system to be widely used, and to incorporate machine learning for skin rashes and lesions. The focus of his work is to assist medical decisions by professionals and people alike, with decision support and AI augmenting human intelligence.

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Skin of color patients comprise the majority in California, New Mexico and Texas…and soon will be the majority in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, New York and Florida.

By 2042, more than 50% of the US population will have skin of color.