SOCS Career Development Award

SOCS Career Development Award

The Skin of Color Society is pleased to invite applicants for a new funding opportunity for investigators. The recipient(s) will receive an award up to $100,000 which can be used over a two-year period and which is non-renewable. Up to two Career Development Awards will be given this year. The award will fund basic, translational, or clinical research related to inflammatory disorders in skin of color. It is the expectation that the recipient(s) of these awards will be tomorrow’s leaders in dermatology, helping to shape the future of the specialty.

Application Timeline:


Available: August 1; Noon CT
Deadline: October 13; Noon CT
Recipients notified: December 5

Application Procedure:

Recently, SOCS has introduced an online application program that streamlines the application and the review process. Below is a partial checklist of the information you will need to supply in your application. With the exception of headshots uploaded documents must be a PDF file.


  • MD, MD/PhD, DO, PhD with an established track record of academic excellence
  • Faculty member with a primary appointment in US Department or Division of dermatology
  • Within 12 years since completion of post-graduate training
  • Applicant must have appropriate training and experience with a proven track record and a strong commitment to skin of color research, either clinical, translational, or basic science with clinical applications
  • Applicant must serve as the principal investigator for the study
  • Skin of Color Society Member
  • Note that previous applicants are eligible to re-apply.

Award Amount: 

Up to $100,000 for one year. Can be used over a two-year period by request. Non-renewable; indirect costs not allowed.


  • Strong institutional support required.
  • Can concurrently hold other funding.
  • Not eligible to apply for other SOCS research funding.
  • Please note the grant funding cannot be used for indirect departmental costs, travel expenses, overhead costs, IRB fees or to purchase capital equipment such as computers, cellular phones, tablets, appliances, machinery, camera equipment, sensors, etc.
  • Direct salary support for the applicant is allowed provided 50% of the applicant’s time is dedicated to research. 
  • IRB must be approved or submitted, pending approval at the time of grant application and must remain approved throughout the term of the award.


Two years, beginning April 1.

Application Requirements:

The Research Committee of the Skin of Color Society will assume the responsibility for reviewing grant applications, making funding recommendations, and monitoring the grants program. Summary of research results must be submitted in the Skin of Color Society newsletter as well as presented at the SOCS annual meeting two years after receipt of the grant.

* About the Chair’s Comments of Support Form

This form is a critical element in your application package. The Chair’s Comments of Support form is to be completed by the chair of the department or division of dermatology at your institution and covers the following topics:

  1. Outline of a plan defining the department’s commitment to the applicant including a description of the training environment, the supervision that will be provided, the qualifications of the mentor for the development of the applicant’s career, and departmental commitments/resources devoted to support the applicant including salary and space allocations. Your plan must compass a 3-year period for SOCS-CDA applicants.
  2. Plans for future funding of the applicant
  3. The importance of the award and the project to the applicant and the institution.
  4. The department’s track record in obtaining research funding.
  5. Certification that the applicant will devote the time required to the proposed project. 

Funding for this grant is made possible through the generosity of Pfizer and BMS

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