Celebrating SOCS Leadership: United by Shared Passion, Dedication & Vision

April 21, 2022
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Celebrating SOCS Leadership: United by Shared Passion, Dedication & Vision-banner-image

Since the Skin of Color Society was founded in 2004 by visionary leader Dr. Susan C. Taylor, our organization has been fueled by the shared passion, dedication and vision of so many outstanding individuals—from nationally/globally recognized experts to emerging leaders in the field of skin of color dermatology.

We are grateful for everyone who has contributed their time, expertise and talent to the Society. Those combined efforts have elevated SOCS to be the world’s leading skin of color dermatology organization!”

In the words of SOCS Past President Seemal R. Desai, MD, FAAD, who thrillingly will serve as the next President of the AAD (becoming the youngest President to hold this office in the history of the Academy), “We are a group that is truly committed to excellence, a really unique group. I wish we could call ourselves the Skin of Color Family instead of the Skin of Color Society, because this is a group where we use our commitment and passion for science and care and combine it with leadership, camaraderie and passion for everything that is related to skin of color dermatology.”

For members who are interested in further developing their leadership skills and experience to help shape the future of the specialty, SOCS offers many meaningful leadership opportunities for members—from initially contributing as a committee member or committee chair, to serving on the Board of Directors, and ultimately as an Officer.

In keeping with the SOCS culture of shared commitment, passion, and vision, once again this year, we have a fantastic group of leaders who will guide the Society through an exceptional period of growth and expansion. Following our recent SOCS Annual Business Meeting and Election, we are pleased to present the 2022-2023 SOCS Leadership:

2022-2023 SOCS Officers

President: Valerie Harvey, MD, MPH, FAAD (2022-2023)
President-Elect: Andrew Alexis, MD, MPH, FAAD (2022-2023)
Secretary/Treasurer: Candrice R. Heath, MD, FAAD (2021-2023)
Immediate Past President: Donald A. Glass, II, MD, PhD, FAAD (2022-2023)

2022-2023 SOCS Board of Directors (2022-2023)

Crystal Aguh, MD, FAAD (2020-2023)
Pamela Allen, MD, FAAD* (2022-2025)
Naiara Barbosa, MD, FAAD* (2022-2025)
Coley Hartman, MD, FAAD (2021-2024)
Loren Krueger, MD, FAAD (2020-2023)
Shawn Kwatra, MD, FAAD (2021-2024)
Jenna Lester, MD, FAAD* (2022-2025)
Janiene Luke, MD, FAAD (2021-2024)
Caroline Robinson, MD, FAAD (2020-2023)
Neelam Ajit Vashi, MD, FAAD (2020-2023)
Rebecca Vasquez, MD, FAAD (2021-2024)

*We welcome these new members to the Board of Directors!

Outgoing Leaders

We thank the following SOCS leaders, whose terms expired this year, for their dedication and service:

Outgoing Officer: Lynn McKinley-Grant, MD, FAAD (Immediate Past President 2021-2022)

Outgoing Board members: Ammar Ahmed, MD, FAAD (2019-2022) Marcelyn Coley, MD, FAAD (2019-2022)

If you are interested in becoming more involved in the leadership of SOCS, let us know by writing to SOCS HQ:!