Nada Elbuluk, MD, MSc, FAAD

Scientific Committee Co-Chair and Moderator | 20th Annual SOCS Scientific Symposium

Dr. Nada Elbuluk is a board-certified dermatologist and Associate Professor at the USC Keck School of  Medicine, Department of Dermatology. She is the founder and director of the USC Skin of Color and Pigmentary Disorders Program and Fellowship. She also serves as the Director of the Dermatology Diversity and Inclusion Program, as well as the Director of Curriculum Equity for the Keck School of  Medicine. She spent four years as an Assistant Professor at New York University’s School of Medicine, where she was the founder and director of the pigmentary disorder clinic and served as the Diversity  Ambassador for the Department.  

Dr. Elbuluk’s clinical and research interests include general medical and cosmetic dermatology, ethnic skin conditions, and pigmentary disorders including vitiligo, melasma, and postinflammatory  pigmentation. She performs a variety of procedures including chemical peels, microneedling, lasers, and  botox and has expertise in safely performing these procedures in all skin types.  

Dr. Elbuluk is passionate about teaching and advancing the field of dermatology through research on  pigmentary disorders and ethnic skin conditions and published in numerous academic journals. She has  lectured both national and internationally on her areas of expertise. She also serves as a media expert  for the American Academy of Dermatology and has been interviewed by numerous media outlets  including the Washington Post, Health, Women’s Health, Essence, Prevention, Allure, Reader’s Digest, the Huffington Post, SELF, and  

Dr. Elbuluk is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Dermatology and holds professional memberships with the American Academy of Dermatology, the Women’s Dermatologic Society, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, and the Skin of Color Society.

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Skin of color patients comprise the majority in California, New Mexico and Texas…and soon will be the majority in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, New York and Florida.

By 2042, more than 50% of the US population will have skin of color.