NEW! The Skin of Color Society Early Career Innovations Grant

July 11, 2022
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NEW! The Skin of Color Society Early Career Innovations Grant-banner-image

“Shark Tank” meets Skin of Color Dermatology in this exciting new grant program geared toward young visionaries with innovative ideas and creative solutions that need startup funding!

We are thrilled to introduce The Skin of Color Society Early Career Innovations Grant,  which will provide startup funding for young visionaries and innovators who have creative solutions addressing needs and opportunities within the skin of color dermatology ecosystem.

This exciting program was established in 2022, thanks to the vision and generosity of SOCS member Dhaval Bhanusali, MD, FAAD. In the future, we hope to build this fund through matching grants from corporate and individual supporters.

As the world’s leading skin of color dermatology organization, we are delighted to support future leaders in the development of fresh ideas to advance skin of color dermatology with the ultimate goal of achieving health equity and excellence in patient care for all.

About the Early Career Innovations Grant

Residents, junior faculty and early career professionals are eligible to apply for the SOCS Early Career Innovations Grant.     

Funding will be awarded to help with the development of new ideas and innovations to improve:

  • Access to healthcare
  • Physician training and education
  • Patient care
  • Patient education/communications
  • Technological approaches to service, information and communications
  • Community service
  • Other ideas relevant to patients of color

Funding can be used to develop an idea or help advance or scale up an idea in progress.

Watch for details!