Prof. Ncoza Dlova, MBChB, FCDerm, PhD

Invited Speaker | SOCS Scientific Session at the 25th WCD Singapore 2023

Professor Ncoza Dlova is the first African Head of Dermatology and the first African
female Dean and Head of School of the 70yr old University of KwaZulu-Natal’s (UKZN) School of Clinical Medicine and a local and internationally renowned dermatologist. More recently, through her global collaborative work with a number of scientists, she played an instrumental role in discovering a new gene that is a major cause of permanent hair loss (Central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia) amongst women of African descent, which was regarded as one of the most important medical advances Prof. Dlova is a full professor and NRF rated researcher with more than 130 peer reviewed publications. Additionally, she has authored 3 books and 20 book chapters, and has been awarded several research and leadership awards both locally and internationally. Dlova’s phenomenal contribution to the global growth of African Dermatology has earned her membership to the prestigious American Dermatology Association (ADA) as the first African Continent honouree, KwaZulu Natal MEC award for her Excellence in research, as well as the Maria Duran Medal from the International Society of Dermatology(ISD) for her immense contribution and Excellence in Dermatology globally. She is a founding member and was instrumental in establishing the African Society of Dermatology (ASDV), which has brought the dermatologists in Africa together to collaborate as well as address their unique challenges. Prof. Dlova remains a dermatologist by profession, continues to be a role model to the young doctors and advises on several boards including one for The Vaseline Healing Project, a program that facilitates healthcare worker training, patient education and advocacy and access to dermatological care around the world in partnership with Direct Relief.

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