The Skin of Color Society’s 5th Annual Media Day: A Great Success!

December 9, 2021
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The Skin of Color Society’s 5th Annual Media Day: A Great Success!-banner-image


The Skin of Color Society’s 5th Annual Media Day, “Shaping the Future: What’s New and Next in Skin of Color Dermatology,” was a great success!  This program was our first-ever virtual Media Day, after four previous events held in person in New York City since 2015.

Co-chaired by Valerie M. Harvey, MD, MPH, FAAD, SOCS President-elect, and Janiene Luke, MD, FAAD, Chair of the SOCS Technology & Media Committee, Media Day 2021 featured eleven nationally and globally recognized members who addressed key issues and developments in medical and aesthetic dermatology, healthcare, and society, of interest to people of color.

Four highly informative sessions were presented by the SOCS expert teams as follows:

  • Health Disparities, presented by Drs. Susan C. Taylor, Rebecca Vasquez, Valerie Harvey and Nada Elbuluk
  • Hair Disorders, presented by Drs. Crystal Aguh and Candrice Heath.
  • Pigmentary Disorders, presented by Drs. Seemal R. Desai and Janiene Luke
  • External Signs of Internal Disease, presented by Drs. Angel Byrd and Neelam Vashi

Following these insightful and info-rich presentations, the SOCS Media Day program offered a Q & A session and a Virtual Sponsor Expo Gallery, which will remain live until November 2022.

We were thrilled to have such a large and diverse audience of media attendees, including health, medical, beauty and lifestyle editors, writers and content producers representing top dermatology, medical and consumer news outlets.

We were delighted to see many familiar editorial guests, who have attended previous SOCS Media Days, as well as many media representatives who were new to SOCS. In addition, we were excited to welcome international guests from England and Germany.

We are also pleased that this important educational program has sparked numerous interviews for articles about skin of color dermatology topics, and we look forward to seeing the published results featuring SOCS experts!

We thank the following Sponsors whose support made the 5th Annual Skin of Color Society Media Day program possible:

Janssen (Superfan level); Bristol Myers Squibb; Procter & Gamble; Scientis (Fan level); Revision Skincare; Lilly (Follower level); EltaMD (Supporter level).

Sponsors of the 5th Annual Skin of Color Society Media Day provided multimedia content for the Virtual Sponsor Expo Gallery, which can be accessed here (until November 2022). 

We also gratefully recognize the dedication and contributions of the entire SOCS Media Day team who made this program such a success.

Thank you to everyone who participated!