March 14, 2022
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2014 SOCS Research Award Winner

Meet Skin of Color Society member and 2014 SOCS Research Award Winner, Steve Hoseong Yang, MD, PhD, FAAD, Medical Director of the Guam Dermatology Institute.

Dr. Yang received his SOCS Research Award for his study titled, “Epigenetic Changes in Ethnic Human Skin During Skin Aging.”

About Dr. Yang
Dr Yang was born in Seoul, Korea and grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia before moving to the US at age 12. He attended Phillips Andover Academy, Johns Hopkins University (BA), University of Michigan Ann Arbor (MD, PhD), and completed Dermatology residency at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where he served as the Chief Resident, and as Assistant Professor from 2014-2019. In 2019, Dr Yang opened his practice in Guam, where he is the only full-time permanent dermatologist. 

Dr. Yang runs an extremely busy but “highly rewarding” practice as the only dermatologist serving a severely medically underserved area in Guam. In his words, “I am faced with many challenges, but I am blessed to have a great team.” 

He notes that all facets of dermatology interest him, and that he feels fortunate to have trained with the best mentors at Johns Hopkins who helped to set strong foundations in medical, surgical and investigative dermatology. Since moving to Guam, he says he was also fortunate to train with Dr. Kee Chung, Professor of Dermatology and Mohs surgeon at Yonsei School of Medicine in Korea. 

Dr. Yang’s Research and SOCS
About his research, Dr. Yang states, “I have always been committed to the research of skin cancer and skin aging, especially in ethnic skin. I am planning to build a comprehensive clinical research center in Guam in the near future. Due to my proximity to Korea and the rest of Asia, I am actively engaged in numerous research projects with academic centers and pharmaceutical companies in Asia.”

With the SOCS grant that Dr. Yang received in 2014, he studied the epigenetic changes of ultraviolet light exposure on ethnic skin. In his words, “The SOCS research grant helped jumpstart my academic career at Johns Hopkins and enabled me to fund my research lab. I am eternally grateful!”

Dr. Yang appreciates his connection to others through SOCS. He comments, “I am fortunate to continue my lifelong camaraderie and relationships with my SOCS colleagues such as Drs. Nada Elbuluk, Ginette Okoye, and Sewon Kang, just to name a few.”

Dr. Yang recommends that young dermatologists interested in doing research should “identify a role model and a mentor figure, preferably early in your residency. I would not have gotten where I am without my mentors!”

When he’s not practicing dermatology or doing research, Dr. Yang loves to travel, and enjoys playing golf, and he’s looking forward to scuba diving and snorkeling in Guam.

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