SOCS in the News: The Media Takes Note of Members’ Expertise

July 31, 2021
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SOCS in the News: The Media Takes Note of Members’ Expertise-banner-image

We are thrilled to see the continuous flow of interesting, informative, and in-depth articles featuring Skin of Color Society leaders and members, who are regularly sought-after and quoted in the media about many important topics affecting people of color.

It is truly exciting to see so many SOCS members sharing their expert opinions and perspectives in such a wide range of media outlets, including: mainstream news outlets (print, digital, and broadcast); women’s magazines; health, beauty and lifestyle sites; dermatology and medical news sources, and scientific journals.

We appreciate the cascade of media inquiries that SOCS receives on an ongoing basis (including requests from our annual Media Day editorial guests), seeking the expertise of the Society’s leaders and members on a host of hot topics of special interest to people of color. We are especially thankful to our many SOCS leaders and members who give their time and expertise to help raise awareness and understanding about skin of color dermatology issues, conditions and considerations, to ultimately increase public awareness of, and understanding about, key topics affecting the hair, skin, nails, mucous membranes and systemic health.

We proudly share some of the many articles that have been published featuring SOCS members on our social media platforms and in the News Room on the SOCS website.

We invite you to have a look at our collection of recent media placements, and let us know if you have been quoted in an article to consider for sharing with SOCS audiences across our social media platforms and/or website.

SOCS’ growing presence in the news can be seen in a relatively new platform from Allure called The Melanin Edit, which “explores every facet of melanin-rich life—from the most innovative treatments for hyperpigmentation to the social and emotional realities—all while spreading Black pride.”

Many active SOCS leaders and members are included in some recently published pieces, including:

Watch for exciting news about the Skin of Color Society’s 5th Annual Media Day.