Two SOCS members share a fantastic mentorship experience at the recent Procter & Gamble Science Behind/Dermatology Technology Symposium!

May 28, 2019
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Two SOCS members share a fantastic mentorship experience at the recent Procter & Gamble Science Behind/Dermatology Technology Symposium!-banner-image

Mentor Janiene D. Luke, MD, (left) with mentee Melanie E. Tawfik, MD.

Thanks to support from Procter & Gamble, the Skin of Color Society was able to send members Janiene D. Luke, MD, as mentor, and Melanie E. Tawfik, MD, as mentee, to the 17th Annual Procter & Gamble Science Behind Symposium (also known as the Dermatology Technology Symposium) recently held at the company headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dr. Luke is Associate Professor and Director, Residency Program, Medical Dermatology at Loma Linda University, and Dr. Tawfik is PGY-2 Resident Physician, Department of Internal Medicine, also at Loma Linda University.

This Symposium provides a unique enrichment opportunity for seasoned and up-and-coming dermatologists to engage with top industry researchers and marketers to inspire collaboration, innovation and scientific exchange.

Dr. Luke comments, “This was a fantastic opportunity to gain an in-depth look not only into common dermatologic conditions, but the process utilized to research, develop and manufacture products that help our patients so much. I was impressed by the level of scientific evidence used to create products that meet the needs of our unique patient populations and the commitment to deliver high quality products that serve as solutions to many problems patients face. The entire symposium was well-constructed and they not only provided us with information, but carefully listened to the thoughts and perspectives we bring as clinicians. I would highly recommend this symposium to colleagues and those in training, as I was able to further connect with my mentee and network with other wonderful physicians across the country.”

As Dr. Tawfik describes her experience, “A series of educational lectures was given by the company’s leading researchers. One of the most eye-opening parts of the symposium was learning about the ongoing research behind the scenes to perfect each of their products. Furthermore, the products are extensively analyzed by consumers to assure customer satisfaction. We learned about ingredient safety and choice from one of their toxicologists. We even got to tour their labs where their scientists were at work testing their hair products on human hair, with all types represented! After learning about the rigorous process the products undergo prior to being released to the consumer, I will never look at another P&G product the same! One of my favorite aspects of the symposium was visiting the P&G archives. It was fascinating to watch how everyday products we use in our households have transformed over the course of decades. We saw the first bar of Ivory Soap, first Gillette razor, first Pampers diaper, and so much more! Finally, with the opportunity to witness the company dynamics behind the scenes, it was obvious how invested the employees were in the industry. Many of the employees come from a family rooted in the company with several generations employed by P&G. There was a clear familial atmosphere that tied the scientists and P&G employees together. There was also a sense of responsibility amongst the scientists and researchers to engineer the most effective and safest products to address the needs of consumers of all races. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend this Symposium!”

SOCS gratefully recognizes the ongoing support from Procter & Gamble for this exciting and worthwhile program. Watch for news about the 2020 program on

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