Where Science, Innovation & Inclusion Meet: A Day of Insights, Innovation, Information and Inspiration!

March 30, 2023
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Where Science, Innovation & Inclusion Meet: A Day of Insights, Innovation, Information and Inspiration!-banner-image

Thanks to all who helped make the 19th Annual SOCS Scientific Symposium such a great success, with nearly five hundred attendees from around the world joining us for a day of insights, innovation, information and inspiration. This year’s Symposium was beautifully developed under the leadership of SOCS Scientific Committee co-chairs, Victoria Barbosa MD, MPH, MBA, FAAD and Ginette A. Okoye, MD, FAAD, along with their dedicated committee.

The Symposium featured several insightful and thought-provoking presentations, including Invited Speakers, oral abstracts, moderated panels, and featured iPosters.

From opening with a “bang” with Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski’s stirring keynote to closing on a high note with Dr. Susan C. Taylor’s powerful leadership talk, and all the fantastic presentations in between, all this rich content will become available to you through our Dermatology E-Learning + Equity Platform (DEEP) in the near future.

We are excited to share images capturing so many great moments together during the Annual General Business Meeting, the Scientific Symposium, the Awards Presentation and the Networking Reception that followed.

Special thanks to Jonathan Hill of KOL Media for capturing such great images of the Skin of Color Society community in action. Click here to browse the gallery and download your favorites!

We gratefully acknowledge the following Sponsors for their generous support, which helped make this year’s scientific program possible:

Abbvie | Janssen/Johnson & Johnson | Sanofi-Genzyme/ Regeneron

Bristol Myers Squibb | Eli Lilly and Company | Incyte Dermatology | Unilever/ Dove/ Vaseline

Arcutis Biotherapeutics, Inc.