Experiencing the Many Unique Benefits of Your SOCS Membership!

January 31, 2022
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Experiencing the Many Unique Benefits of Your SOCS Membership!

As we wrap up the Skin of Color Society membership renewal season, and gear up for the 18th Annual SOCS Scientific Symposium, we are looking ahead to a very exciting and enriching year for SOCS members—filled with outstanding opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

We invite you to more fully experience the many unique benefits of your SOCS membership in the coming year, such as:

  1. Exclusive free access to the Dermatology E-Learning + Equity Platform (DEEP), our groundbreaking learning management system (LMS) that enables members to learn straight from leading skin of color dermatology experts at your own pace, and earn CME credit through dermatology educational webinars, as well as practice management content.
  2. Eligibility to apply for SOCS Mentorship and SOCS Observership Awards.
  3. Eligibility to apply for SOCS Research, SOCS Career Development, and SOCS Foundation-Pfizer Fellowship Awards.
  4. Reduced registration fees for the Annual SOCS Scientific Symposium, which unites top researchers from around the USA and the world, who present new research in skin of color dermatology, share key insights, and discuss the continuing evolution of the field.
  5. Priority access to virtual and in-person Networking & Educational Symposia, Dermatology Diversity Town Halls, and other enrichment programs.
  6. Exciting opportunities to develop professionally, gain leadership skills and share your expertise with the media and the public.
  7. Connection, collegiality, and camaraderie with colleagues and mentors who share a passion for skin of color dermatology, and a commitment to achieving health equities in patient care.

Here’s what esteemed SOCS leaders have to say about being a part of SOCS:

“I am absolutely thrilled with the trajectory of SOCS since we began in 2004. When we look at how the membership has grown, it’s so rewarding to see the expansion in the numbers of members involved, as well as our diversity and the wide range of valuable programs and activities we now offer.”—Susan C. Taylor, MD, FAAD, SOCS Founder


“We are a group that is truly committed to excellence, a really unique group. I wish we could call ourselves the Skin of Color Family instead of the Skin of Color Society, because this is a group where we use our commitment and passion for science and care and combine it with leadership, camaraderie and passion for everything that is related to skin of color dermatology.”—Seemal R. Desai, MD, FAAD, SOCS Past President

“The Skin of Color Society is a great brotherhood or sisterhood…where people really learn from each other.”—Cheryl Burgess, MD, FAAD, Former Board member

“Being a part of the Skin of Color Society is being part of an international community of individuals ranging from dermatologists, members of industry, medical students, residents, all who share one passion: passion in advancing the care of dermatologic disorders in patients with skin of color, a population that has some unique unmet needs. SOCS really stands alone as the only and the premier organization that focuses on advancing the education, awareness and research into areas of importance for patients of color.”—Andrew F. Alexis, MD, MPH, Co-chair, SOCS Scientific Committee

“I wouldn’t be the kind of dermatologist I am without the Skin of Color Society. I think it has really shaped who I am as a physician, as a person. I’ve learned a lot more about diversity, about my patients. I ask more questions. Hopefully I am better at what I do because of it.”—Dhaval Bhanusali, MD, FAAD, SOCS member

“The Skin of Color Society is so special because it is a group of extremely dedicated dermatologists. It’s national, it’s international…there are people who are academicians, clinicians in private practice, there’s a close network.”—Lynn McKinley-Grant, MD, FAAD, SOCS Past President

I’m constantly learning new things from my colleagues and co-members who are in this organization. Every day, I’m able to use something that I’m learning from one of my colleagues and incorporate that into my everyday practice.”—Crystal Aguh, MD, MPH, FAAD, SOCS Board Member

“We take the individual from the place where they’re just starting in their medical career and thinking about ‘where would I like to go?’ “Is dermatology right for me?” all the way through residency, through fellowship and into their practicing world. For someone who’s coming to the Society new, I would recommend they start with committee work, then start to move up in the Society as we are always looking for the next leaders.”—Amy McMichael, MD, FAAD, SOCS Past President


“One of the exciting parts about the Skin of Color Society is our Mentorship Program, and that’s where you bring these generational dermatologists together and you come up with new ideas and learn how to treat your patients, without the adverse events that we commonly see in patients with darker skin.”—Valerie Callender, MD, FAAD, SOCS Founding Member

 We warmly invite you to renew your membership and invite others to join the Skin of Color Society family today!

*People with skin of color are of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, and include African Americans, Asians, Hispanics or Latinos, Native Indians and Pacific Islanders primarily, as well as individuals from these groups who have intermarried.